Shared experiences and stories

"Having run Ayurvedic Cooking Classes for over 25 years, in Sydney Melbourne Brisbane and around the world, having inspired many many people to the joy of spices and wisdom of Ayurveda, it is heart warming to meet and work beside a young man with such depth, love and enthusiasm for Ayurveda's ancient insights, that he combines with such professionalism in the kitchen without losing the feel of a mother caring for her children. This is true Ayurveda. Alex is a rare and gifted chef, devoted to his art. He has my complete support and endorsement in all his ventures."

Tim Mitchell 'Yoga of the Kitchen'

"Great guy and great food. Thanks Alex for adding so much to the Impact Co. residential with your nutritious food, education and sense of calm."

Shol blustein 'impacto co'

"Thoughtful, nourishing, grounding and tasty food. If you care for your mind, body and environment, as well as eating seasonal and organic, you will LOVE Alex’s cooking!"

Natasha mason 'nourish melbounrE'

" Mostly I don't eat any other peoples food other than my own. Alex Klein is an exception. The way he creatively blends traditional Ayurvedic cuisine is what grabs everyones attention with surprise and joy. The amount of care, precision, devotion and love he puts into his cooking is certainly evident in the taste and display of his delightful productions, and of course, the nourishment and healing I feel from eating his food! His values of integrity and purity through the quality produce he uses further adds to the overall purity and tastiness of his food, which leaves me satisfied and feeling energised!"


"I was lucky enough to have recently been on a week-long business retreat catered for by Alex! I can be a bit of a food/health snob at times, so was a bit nervous being at the hands of someone else's cooking for a whole week. To say I was delighted by Alex's cooking would be an absolute understatement. Never have I met someone who embodies a wholesome approach to food-as-thy medicine more. It was an absolute honour to have Alex cooking for us and he completely made the whole retreat experience for me. I can't rave enough about Alex and the genuine love and care that he pours into his (ridiculously delicious) food. Thank you so much Alex!"

Alexandra Thrusfield -  The Daily Snack

"Community Cooking Classes run by Alex are more than just a cooking class... they are the most heart warming, soul nourishing experience of connection, education and the creation of the most deliciously mouth-watering meals. Alex is an amazingly talented chef whose love for Ayurvedic cooking combined with his knowledge, passion to educate and share his incredible meals and recipes just has to be experienced! I'm grateful that Alex shares his passion with us through these classes and cannot speak highly enough of Alex and the incredible experience he provides."

Carlie Merenda -  Talent Management & PR

"It’s always special to receive an ayurvedic food delivery from Alex. His meals are thoughtful and made with seasonal, organic ingredients . Super delicious and nutritious, you can tell they have been prepared with love. We feel blessed to have him in our lives!"

 Helen and Radek Sali - Lightfolk

"A particularly powerful experience for myself and my family was having Alex cater for us whilst welcoming our newest little member to the family. Attachment parenting is demanding at the best of times. Along with meditation and rest, great food is the key ingredient for healing mother, nourishing newborn, and keeping the rest of the growing family content. Alexs passion for fresh organic produce, eye for colour, variation of dishes and attention to detail kept us looking forward to each daily care package. His knowledge of seasonal foods, coupled with his deep understanding of Ayurvedic food combinations gave us the most love we could have hoped for at such a special time. The nourishment derived from lovingly prepared organic food, cooked with the intent to nourish is the best investment one can make. Definitely recommend you treat yourself and your family to Alexs cooking." 

karl patara-ammitzboll - prolifica building co.


"We had a very special evening at home with Alex in the kitchen cooking an incredibly delicious and nourishing meal for our family. Offering an entirely vegetarian meal to two teenage boys is not an easy task, but Alex described the food to them in such a way that they couldn’t wait to eat it. They loved it and talked about it for days. Our fridge was full of wonderful healthy food for the weekend and we can’t wait to do it all again"

Elizabeth Briskin - Brisken invesment advisory