About Alex Klein




Alex Klein is a devoted Ayurvedic cook with an intention to educate and inspire people to reclaim their kitchen and their health using Ayurvedic practices and principles. An advocate for cooking with love, Alex is passionate about restoring our connection to the food we eat by sharing ways to gain a greater understanding of how to nourish the body. He will empower you to rediscover your innate well-being by sharing his philosophy that if we can change the way we eat, we can experience greater health and happiness. To help you discover and embody a more nourishing approach to food, Alex runs regular community cooking classes and workshops as well as catering for retreats and events.


"The most delicious, nutritious, delightful, satisfying food you'll find!"

Skye Tipler - mkt communications


"I was lucky enough to have recently been on a week-long business retreat catered for by Alex! I can be a bit of a food/health snob at times, so was a bit nervous being at the hands of someone else's cooking for a whole week. To say I was delighted by Alex's cooking would be an absolute understatement. Never have I met someone who embodies a wholesome approach to food-as-thy medicine more. It was an absolute honour to have Alex cooking for us and he completely made the whole retreat experience for me. I can't rave enough about Alex and the genuine love and care that he pours into his (ridiculously delicious) food. Thank you so much Alex!"

Alexandra Thrusfield -  The Daily Snack